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The Jewel of Sarasota

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Twilight View

The Jewel Update
January 7th, 2016
Progress Images

OPPORTUNITY: PENTHOUSE #2 on the 17th floor


1 Unit Level

For information, please contact:
Thomas James Mannausa, President, CPM*, AMO®, Realtor®

T Mannausa & Co.,
5 South Gulf Stream Avenue
Sarasota, Florida 34236
Office: 941.365.1511
Cell: 941.704.5873
Fax: 941.365.0807
Email: tmctjm@aol.com

The Jewel has received TCO from the City of Sarasota July 11, 2016. Below are a few photos of the public/common areas of this iconic project. All the best!

"We just love The Jewel! The fitness center is really wonderful!"

"Thank you for making our dream home possible. I just spent a week there and it is truly, The Jewel of Sarasota."

"We moved in and Tom, you've done a great job on the building. I could not be
happier with the quality in our unit. The amenities are outstanding."

Updated photos below... We are in the last stage of construction to create a wonderful Project so many shall enjoy and admire for many decades. All the best!





The Jewel Update
January 30, 2015

We appreciate you visiting our website to gain additional information relative to The Jewel.
The Jewel is a mixed use high rise tower, currently under construction, in beautiful Sarasota, Florida,
at the prominent downtown corner location of Main Street and Gulf Stream Avenue.





I'm pleased to inform you that
Progress photos from 1/24/15. We pour level 14 this week.
We have wrapped up construction draw submission #6, and are also in the 7th month of construction.
Each day at The Jewel, is amazing. To watch the progression of Suffolk Construction Company, Hoyt Architects
and so many expert subcontractor's work each of their special craft, is both fun and rewarding.

The Jewel has numerous attributes in the works, most of which, shall be enjoyed by each
of the 19 tower residential condominium owner's, as well as each of the towers' commercial occupants.
If you scroll down below, you'll pleasantly uncover many announcements, project progress photos
and numerous exhibits representing floor plans, elevations and renderings.

All tower residences are sold, which is an amazing statement of our dedication,
to very soon achieve completion of this endeavor.
We're well on our way,
working toward our next levels' concrete pour, at this time.
So many wonderful exquisite finishes and details will demonstrate our commitment
towards a responsible, well planned array of the many attributes of The Jewel.

I want to thank all members of The Jewel development, architectural, engineering, design,
legal, land planning, administrative, marketing and numerous construction members'
contribution to this iconic project.

If you, a friend or family member has any question, please contact me directly.
See below the latest progress images:

Progress Image 1

Progress Image 2

Progress Image 3

Progress Image 4

All the best!

Thomas James Mannausa
Main Street J Development Co.
* Certified Property Manager•
* Realtor•
* Accredited Management Organization•

tel: 941.704.5873
email: tmctjm@aol.com


Web site update- 8/21/'14

We are pleased and proud to provide this update pertaining to construction progress
of The Jewel, a modern mixed use high rise tower located at the prominent intersection of
Main Street & Gulf Stream Avenue in beautiful downtown Sarasota, Florida.

We are also very pleased to report all 19 tower residences are sold
with substantial binding deposits from very enthusiastic and active purchasers.

We also have sold the prime ground floor Main Street & Gulf Stream Avenue corner
commercial spaces to McCarver & Moser Jewelers, as a spectacular addition to The Jewel.

We have only the ground floor commercial condominium spaces between The Jewel's tower lobby entrance
on Main Street and Epicure Cafe' to solidify a complete "sell out" at the project.

Suffolk Construction Company is progressing with comprehensive construction activities.
The Jewel's tower crane was erected and inspected late last month and is
a magnificent operational equipment element utilized daily to further construction requirements.
We have timely processed 3 successful construction draws thus far,
with the 4th draw request coming up shortly.

Customers of The Jewel, are diligently working with both JKL Design and Snaidero/EBL
on selecting wonderful kitchen, bath vanities, countertops, flooring and finishes to create
wonderful unique tower residences, in what will become an award winning downtown tower.
A few progress photos of construction are provided herein for you to view and enjoy.
If you have any question or would like to learn more about The Jewel,
please call me.

Best wishes!

Thomas James Mannausa, CPM*
Main Street J Development Co.
Tel: 941.704.5873
Email: Tmctjm@aol.com

Progress images:







Developer Update
June 18, 2014

We're under construction. All sheet pile work is complete.
All piling and rebar steel work is complete, comprising 300+ pilings below grade of 2+- miles
of concrete and 4+- miles of rebar steel. Next up is dewatering and our concrete/steel subcontractor
begins a 33+- week endeavor to create the tower infrastructure, including slabs,
garage ramps, and post tension floor slabs running up the tower.
Very exciting!
Our first construction draw went smoothly and we anticipate
each subsequent month accomplishing same effectively.
Suffolk is working hard on moving every element forward in a professional fashion.

Developer Update - The Jewel Rising

Jewel Rising

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Letter from the Publisher:
Ed Bertha
( Read the Letter from the online magazine )

REAL Interview:
With Developer Tom Mannausa

( Read the Interview from the online magazine )


Developer Update 4/29/14


The construction Bridge Loan is closed. Notice of Commencement has been recorded and posted
at the job site. Suffolk Construction Co. has been issued the Notice to Proceed by the Owner/Developer.
Pile tests are complete. We're underway! Mid-August 2015 is our anticipated completion date.
All tower residences are sold except floor 10 - $3,295,000.
I'm so very pleased!

Thank you very much.
Thomas James Mannausa

Main Street J Development Co.
* Certified Property Manager•
* Realtor•
* Accredited Management Organization•

tel: 941.704.5873
email: tmctjm@aol.com

Developer Update


Building Permit

Historic Review
The coffee table book, "The Jewel, Back In Time..." Is complete.
It is a photo book of lower Main Street, Sarasota spanning over 140 years.

The City of Sarasota Building Permit has been approved, issued and purchased.
This was a comprehensive application and review process. We now are clothed with all required permits
to proceed with construction. We are aiming at closing with the Bridge Lender,
whereby the Notice of Commencement is recorded authorizing the construction stage to begin.
Our dedicated construction team is anxious to get underway. The construction office is earmarked
to be set up. Project Manager, Assistant Project Manager and Job Superintendent are in place.
Each of these 3 team members have numerous years of tower construction experience and
have been staff members of Suffolk Construction Company for many years.

We are dedicated to concentrate on construction endeavors and move forward with test piles,
site work, pilings and concrete & steel infrastructure installations.
The construction of The Jewel will be a fun and memorable process to observe, manage and undertake.
We have one full floor residence at The Jewel available for purchase...All other tower residences are sold
and under binding purchase agreements with nonrefundable deposits.
We're very excited, to move into the construction stage of this spectacular mixed use
high rise downtown Sarasota project...Best wishes!

Thomas James Mannausa
Main Street J Development Co.
* Certified Property Manager•
* Realtor•
* Accredited Management Organization
•tel: 941.704.5873
email: tmctjm@aol.com

Developer Update
Update 3/1/'14

We're proud to say, since December 7, 2013 we have obtained 10% deposits
and binding fully executed purchase agreements on all but 2 tower residences at The Jewel.
This important stage allows the project to move forward, allowing the match up of Sources and Uses
of our conservative financial plan. We are a debt free enterprise. Our bridge lender is also
very pleased with our progress and I couldn't be any more pleased.

iPhone image 3/4/14



We continue our mission to press forward to the next phase of this wonderful downtown Sarasota tower:
construction. Customers are energized by the many attributes of The Jewel and our performance.
As you know, actual sales create the ability move forward. We're soon on our way.
The City is close to approving the projects' building permit. Chicago Title Insurance Company
is holding in escrow all deposits, under the supervision of the Williams Parker Law Firm
and Michael Hartenstine, law partner and general counsel of The Jewel.
Please contact me for a personal sales presentation. The next 2 customers
will also receive pre-construction price advantages and will enjoy
the spectacular views, prime location, amenities and finishes The Jewel provides.

Best wishes!

Thomas James Mannausa
Main Street J Development Co.

February 1, 2014
The Jewel:
We're creating tower residence's and a lifestyle choice that shall inspire each homeowner
for a pure modern sleek downtown Sarasota condominium high rise mixed use development,
coupled with spectacular unobstructed views of Sarasota Bay, Marina Jack's 307
expertly maintained yacht slips, 3 parks, two renowned bridges, rewarding sunsets,
Big Pass and an unparalleled amenities package.

More than the prior statement, our top notch experienced team of architectural and interior
design professionals, as well as the Developer and General Contractor
work toward one simple mission:
"Dedicate ourselves, to provide polite and timely services
to each and every customer of The Jewel, every day from design selection and through move-in-date,
as well as through our customer warranty period".

The "best of the best" is what we provide and our commitment. The Jewel "showroom"
at JKL Design is wonderful. Each customer is "hand held" through the color and finish process,
by Kurt and Michelle. Honestly, JKL Design services are fun, very detailed and amazing.

Our purchasers are energetic, solid and the backbone of our success story. Each purchaser has
a unique history of life's boundless endeavors and we provide to all customers
of The Jewel, a special relationship from purchase, design, construction and closing.

The State of Florida has approved The Jewel Condominium Documents and we are selling
tower residences in our binding purchase agreement stage (well past a reservation stage).

This is an important statement to all customers, as our condominium documents include
all plat layout's our very experienced team of surveyor, project architect, engineers,
legal, designer and the like all produced final details contained therein.

We are at this time directly involved with obtaining the City of Sarasota issued building permit
and we believe it will be ready very shortly. Hoyt Architects, Jag Engineering, Wilson Structural Engineering,
Gerkin Surveying, MEP engineering under Michael Thompson's direction, Williams Parker Law Firm
and the Developer are wrapping up the last few requested answers to City staff comments.

A high profile, $50,000,000. project, such as The Jewel, requires every detail from dedicated
easements to utilities departments, recycling waste matters, through all construction activities.
The City staff has requested answers at this time, only alleviates problems, which may occur later.
We respect the process. One thing for sure, when the construction phase begins,
we'll move at a very quick pace. We stand ready to pay the remaining balance of the City building permit fee.
Then, we wrap up the few remaining sales, mobilize our construction team and proceed.

We have only a three tower residences available for purchase. Call me now please... I love presenting The Jewel !

Thank you very much.
Thomas James Mannausa
Main Street J Development Co.

* Certified Property Manager•
* Realtor•
* Accredited Management Organization•

tel: 941.704.5873
email: tmctjm@aol.com


The Jewel - Update 1/1/14

We are moving forward at a very fast pace.
  Each day, our experienced team of dedicated staff
and experts wrap up various portions of elements beneficial to fulfilling our mission.
Our transition from Reservation Stage to Purchase Agreement Stage has resulted (on schedule)
in consummation of fully executed purchase and sales contracts on the majority of the 19 residential tower
residences at The Jewel.  The few remaining available tower residences will be 'snapped up' as we continue
our progress and visual aspects of construction appears.

Our design team has worked very hard to achieve completion and perfection of our comprehensive
architectural and engineering plans.
The expert staff of the City of Sarasota planning, building, utility and
engineering departments have spent many hours dedicated toward providing written comments
to end up with final plans being in conformity with City building codes and regulations. 
Our design team is in a few days delivering responses back to the city, to wrap up
our Building Permit issuance process.  I am thankful to everyone working on this project
to allow our development and construction team to commence the construction phase of The Jewel.
The project is scheduled for completion in 470 days, under the expert direction of Suffolk Construction Co. 

On December 30, 2013 Florida Power & Light's construction crew showed up, to position
The Jewel, by adding a new pole and transformer to service Cafe Epicure and remove two electrical poles
and transformer to clear our site for the upcoming site work and such.
  This transition required
coordination with many governing bodies and substantial funds to move forward. 
FPL performed timely and in expert fashion.

Consistent with any new construction development, the front end time, marketing and creativity,
legal documentation, branding and such, consumes organizing numerous aspects from many disciplines.

We have achieved award winning design and completion on over 50 projects. The Jewel, being a crowning project,
is within a few short weeks of construction mobilization and commencement.

We are a debt free company, having performed all land acquisition, completion of design plans,
structural engineering, civil engineering, architectural, mechanical, plumbing and electrical engineering,
surveying, marketing, legal requirements and such. 
Our conservative outlook will continue through
completing The Jewel, which in the end, will be an award winning tribute of success
and an excellent value and investment afforded to each customer.

Our wonderful ground floor Main Street Commercial condominium units are now a focus
of our development team to place wonderful business enterprises in each remaining available space.
Of course,  each commercial condominium retail space, will be finished to comport to
The Jewel's expert design integrity, including fine Italian porcelain products on floors, most walls and
unique LED lighting, store front glass and doors, and signage. 
We already have commercial condominium
spaces designated from experienced establishments to occupy and operate at The Jewel.  We are in discussions
with other businesses at this time.  All commercial spaces fronting on Main Street are prime retail locations.

Our coffee table book,  "The Jewel, Back In Time", has been sent to the printer.
This book, is a very unique project, which we put together over the last several months. 
It encompasses over 100 pages of photographs of lower Main Street Sarasota, over many years. 
We received input and writing from local recognized historian, Jeff LaHurd, and my long time friend,
Tom Mayers,  on providing fun photographs of our block and other prominent properties and personalities
that reflect Sarasota's evolution over 100+ years.  It is simply a hard bound coffee table book
for our customers, family and friends to enjoy.

There's much to do yet, in fulfilling our mission.  We are an enterprise with an exceptional design,
construction, marketing, legal and development team with a dedicated financial plan,
to complete construction of our high rise, well located building and end up with a
pride of ownership award winning development. 
You will soon observe how fast we construct and create this spectacular project.

The "best of the best"  is our statement for The Jewel.  I encourage you to stop by our sales office
located 80 feet from the project site.  I'll be happy to present the project and our finishes to you.
We recognize, The Jewel may not be your next lifestyle choice;  however, you will be energized
by previewing first hand, what will be constructed with attractive modern finishes.
You will see our commitment to each customer and relay comments to your friends and family from your
personal investigation of this prominent new downtown high rise development.

All tower residences will be sold.  We will create numerous jobs through construction,
enhance downtown retail sales during construction and of course, add permanent jobs and
new downtown residents, to enjoy the many attributes our wonderful City of Sarasota has to offer.
This $50,000,000 project is on the map.  Thank you very much for your support and interest in The Jewel!

Thomas James Mannausa

Main Street J Development Co.
* Certified Property Manager•
* Realtor•
* Accredited Management Organization•

tel:  941.704.5873
email:  tmctjm@aol.com

Click link to read what the Business Observer thinks:


Updated November 3, 2013

Thank you very much.
Thomas James Mannausa

We are very proud to announce in this update,
that Suffolk Construction Co., of Boston,
Massachusetts has been selected as the General Contractor,
to perfect all construction matters pertinent to the The Jewel project.
Suffolk Construction Co. brings to our development team a long history
of numerous tower projects completed in many national markets.
Suffolk maintains regional offices in Florida and will soon set up The Jewel construction office.
Our team has spent many weeks bidding, negotiating, selecting subcontractors
and wrapping up our job schedule. We will soon begin site work and pilings
as the next step toward the vertical construction of The Jewel.

Condominium documents are complete. Current reservation holders will be sent their purchase
agreement and declaration of condominium purchase packages from Williams Parker Law Firm
on November 25, 2013. We will have customer selections at JKL Design showroom starting 11/25/'13.
A time frame of 3 weeks for purchase agreement and customer selections is anticipated.

The City of Sarasota is wrapping up the Main Street streetscape project. The new 20' wide brick sidewalks,
curbing, LED lights, trees and plants really look great! It will 100% complete in another week.

Call me to learn more.....
Best wishes!
Thomas James Mannausa

Updated: October 1st, 2013

Thank you for visiting The Jewel.  We appreciate all compliments and comments very much.
We are very proud of our progress to date and shall perfect every detail in order to fulfill our mission
of creating an award winning modern mixed use tower at the prominent corner of
Main Street & Gulf Stream Avenue, Sarasota, Florida.

The Jewel tower residents shall enjoy spectacular views of Sarasota Bay, Big Pass, Ringling Bridge,
Marina Jack ( with over 300 plus slips) as well as unsurpassed project amenities and
every appointment in today's evolving ultra-luxury housing industry. Please preview below
the 15,000+ square foot amenity level, totally dedicated to a charming, functional modern design,
yet turned up a few notches. Think about it. It's not just a pool deck, but a modern non-skid porcelain
wood grain, in appearance, two-tone deck, surrounding a 20 meter lap pool, with two fat jets
in the corner. The Jewel provides many spectacular locations to see Sarasota Bay and its perfect sunsets.

You'll love our LED lighted pool and jacuzzi at The Jewel. I genuinely appreciate Kurt Lucas,
ASID and his professional team of top notch designers assisting in the creation of not only
the sunning and swim deck experience, but with every other enjoyable detail of this project.
How about our co-ed steam bath, including the rare, cold plunge rain shower in same?

The Jewel's amenity level includes a Bryan Dunkelberger design (with Kurt's sign off).
It's a fantastic to a "T" fitness experience, including Techno Gym fitness equipment.
Plus yoga/stretch room (with heated floor), a Pilates area, TV's, sound system,
online cardio pieces, all in a calming, modern private motivational environment.
Quality Health Maintenance is now boldly obtainable.

Not done yet...
There's a platform tennis court, a putting green, and waterproof TV's at both our 'pool bar' and
our 'grill deck bar'. Just the thing, so that when your family or party are dressed up
in casual attire, you can all still visit The Jewel Club Room, the social
center of this project.

Ahhhhh....it's all finished to the nines! Kurt Lucas was quoted,
"The Jewel is your most comfortable pair of jeans,
with a diamond studded belt".

The Jewel commercial condominium purchasers shall also receive the finest finishes to further represent
this project, in which we shall design and install in each commercial space custom
Italian porcelain flooring and wall details, LED lighting and much more.

The Jewel commercial condominium spaces shall be elegantly finished, so that the curb appeal
and customer experience will compliment the project.

All tower residences will be sold. Call me at 941.704.5873. I'll be glad to talk to you, any day.
Our sales office is 80 feet from this wonderful project.

We're wrapping up every detail, so the construction drawings and permit set, represent the Developer's
detailed intent. We're bidding every aspect of the project and locking in various subcontractors
and components. This project will soon take off and we won't look back.
Act now to see perfection ... see for yourself.

Check out our unit floor plans. Best of the best!

Please Note: Each purchaser/customer of The Jewel, will receive early November from
the Williams Parker Law Firm all pertinent condominium documents, purchase agreement,
escrow requirements and such. We will also then schedule one on one appointments in order to
review and select tower residence finishes to perfect this very important stage of our project.

Best wishes!

Thomas James Mannausa, President
Main Street J Development Co.
* Certified Property Manager•
* Realtor•
* Accredited Management Organization•

tel: 941.704.5873
email: tmctjm@aol.com

The Jewel Sales Office


 6wsm 7sm 8sm


The Jewel's prime location, exquisite finishes and modern design, together with pre-construction discounts
have paved the way for these customers' new lifestyle ownership choices. Act now.



Tommy James Mannausa

The Jewel Tower Residences to break ground.
Date: January 31, 2013
by Roger Drouin | City Editor | yourobserver.com

( read more )

( more photos )


Tom Mannausa

Sarasota real estate developer Tom Mannausa is behind The Jewel,
a 17-story luxury condo tower planned for downtown Sarasota.

The Jewel Rule
Date: February 22, 2013
by Mark Gordon | Deputy Managing Editor | Business Observer

Real estate developer Tom Mannausa took a rare step for a 19-year-old college kid
back in 1977 to jumpstart his career.  That’s when Mannausa sold his silver 1969 Corvette,
a gift from his dad. Mannausa used the money, $3,250, to buy a student rental property in
Kalamazoo, Mich., where he was enrolled at Western Michigan University.
He soon used the proceeds he made from that house to put down
payments on four more local homes.

That was the beginning of what’s now a 35-year real estate development career.
Mannausa’s companies have developed 900 condos and homes in
the region, in addition to a few million square feet of retail and office space.
Mannausa has personally been the lead developer for at least 50 projects,
and he partnered with prominent homebuilder Pat Neal on other projects for nearly 20 years.

But Mannausa’s career is now marked with a new purpose: To play
a supporting role in the post-recession rejuvenation of downtowns throughout
the Gulf Coast. Examples of new downtown projects dot the region.
That goes from a $20 million renovation and expansion of a hotel on prime
real estate in Naples to the condo conversion of a Clearwater office building.
Another example: an abandoned 87-year-old hotel in downtown
Bradenton, where Al Capone and Babe Ruth supposedly once stayed,
is being turned into a Hampton Inn.

The rejuvenation project Mannausa is behind is called The Jewel.
It’s a 17-story luxury condo tower planned for Main Street and Gulfstream Avenue,
the cultural and arts hub of downtown Sarasota. The structure, at a potential 236 feet,
would be the tallest downtown building. It would also be one of the first major
residential projects built downtown in five years.

“And new is new,” says Mannausa. “It’s never been lived in before.
It’s new countertops. New bathrooms. New everything.”

(Read more)


A Brilliant Location

The Jewel introduces mesmerizing
unobstructed views of Sarasota Bay,
the Gulf of Mexico, and downtown Sarasota
in a sleek and modern building.
Located at the corner of Gulf Stream Avenue
and Main Street, this signature structure
will be Sarasota’s newest silhouette
on the waterfront.
The Jewel offers 19 luxury residences
ranging from two-story lofts to
a full floor penthouse and all feature
floor to ceiling glass. Every residence
has a generous balcony,
11’4” high ceilings, luxury appliances,
distinctive finishes, designer
lighting and interior on-site parking.

Designed by Gary Hoyt, AIA, The Jewel
blends street level retail with luxury living
and separates them with an entire floor
of amenities.
Relax or swim laps in your 20-meter
Infinity pool, keep fit and stress-free
in your high-tech gym and low-key
yoga rooms, choose bay or city views
to entertain your friends in the lounge
areas or just chill inside the Emerald Club
equipped with HD3D Television, bar and
dramatic seating areas.
Additional recreational amenities include
a Jacuzzi, poolside steam bath,
paddle tennis court and putting green.
The Jewel Top
The Perfect Address for your
Multi-Faceted Lifestyle

Theatre, opera, art galleries, Selby Botanical
Garden, specialty boutiques, cinemas and even
a downtown farmer’s market are all within easy
walking distance. Join the early morning crowd
for a run or bike ride across Ringling Bridge to
St. Armands Circle and the beaches.
Walk your dog and enjoy the sunset at
Bayfront Park or stroll Main Street and choose
from dozens of award-winning restaurants.
Living at The Jewel, you can dock your own boat
or charter one at Marina Jack just across the
street. Siesta Key, Longboat Key, Lido Key
and many museums and attractions are
within a short drive.

Rock-Solid Developer
Main Street J Development Company,
| a Florida corporation, is the developer
of The Jewel. Company President
Thomas James Mannausa has purchased,
sold, designed, developed, constructed and
managed numerous real estate projects
since 1978. He is a Florida Licensed
Real Estate Broker, Realtor®, and Certified
Property Manager®; has served on the board
of directors of banking institutions, foundations,
and clubs; and is a member of the
City of Sarasota Downtown Improvement
District and Parks & Recreation and
Environmental Protection boards.
He has lived in the Sarasota area for more
than 30 years and currently resides a
stone’s throw from The Jewel Towers in
beautiful downtown Sarasota.

The Jewel of Sarasota

REAL Exclusive Properties Article
The Jewel of Sarasota
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Consider these
two articles
Exclusive Properties

Tom Mannausa

REAL Exclusive Properties Article
Tom Mannausa
Developer of the Jewel

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Sarasota is aBuzz!
Read and Hear what Sarasota is
saying about The Jewel:

Mannausa forms The Jewel of Sarasota

Main Street improvement keeps
pedestrians in mind
by: Roger Drouin, City Editor
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Condominium renderings unveiled
Aug. 30, 2012
By Jurt Schultheis, City Editor
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Mannausa forms The Jewel of Sarasota.
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'The Jewel gets closer
May 31, 2012  ( read more }

Sarasota developer,
Tommy Mannausa, plans to construct
an 18-story condo building at the corner
of Gulf Stream Avenue and Main Street.
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Sarasota Herald-Tribune
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1301 Main Street property

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Mannausa completes acquisition
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Progress Update 3/5//2013
I've put together an excellent team to work on
planning, designing and creating The Jewel.

( Our vision is a modern high tech building,
for this wonderful, one of a kind location
. )

We are please to announce that
Lube' of Sarasota Italian Cabinetry
and Main Street J Development Co.
are wrapping up a comprehensive contract
for Lube' providing its extremely high quality
and modern designed kitchen, bathroom
vanities and wine bar in each of
The Jewel tower residences.

I'm pleased to announce the addition of
Shawn Dehart of Los Angeles, CA.
The Jewel's new design theme and rendering specialist. Shawn will prepare various interior & exterior views & renderings, of the integrity of numerous areas, within The Jewel. Shawn,
Kurt Lucas ASID, Gary Hoyt AIA and myself,
along with the other team members, will
continue to create the specifications
and details of this wonderful,
mixed use development.
Contact Shawn at 941.266.7138.

The land planner is Joel Freedman
, of
Sarasota, Florida. Joel has 29 years of
extensive land planning experience in
Sarasota, encompassing numerous
successful residential, commercial and
mixed use developments.

The Architect of record engaged is Gary
Hoyt, AIA, of Hoyt Architects
of Sarasota.
Florida.* Gary has dotted all over Sarasota
his spectacular creations, including Ed
Smith Stadium, completed in 2011, and
home to the Baltimore Orioles Major
League Baseball Team, spring training
facility, Marina Tower, a high rise luxury
condominium mixed use project (located
two projects north of The Jewel), Lakewood
Ranch, downtown commercial center and
many many other well appointed residential,
commercial and mixed use award winning
design creations. Gary has a full team of
long time staff members orchestrating his
visions. Gary's special attention to details,
makes him a stand out of design, in the
Sarasota community.

Kurt Lucas, ASID is a superb designer of
living environments for all tastes. Kurt has a
special gift in developing a full theme of
design, from the front door, amenities, unit
space planning and the all important
modern design integrity, that will surely
inspire all who shall reside within
The Jewel, family members, visitors
and patrons.

CHPA Consulting Engineers, Inc. of
Maitland, Florida
is the designated
Mechanical, Electrical, Plumbing &
Fire Engineer for The Jewel.
CHPA brings an entire team
of professional engineers preparing
for Hoyt Architects, comprehensive
and detailed designs of these
very important components
and systems of The Jewel

Continued in right column

Tom Mannausa
Herald Tribune

Is downtown Sarasota
tower a possible dream?

Tom Mannausa stands before
the site of the new Jewel condo
tower to be constructed at
Gulfstream Boulevard and
Main Street
in downtown Sarasota.

By Josh Salman
Published: Monday, April 22, 2013
at 1:00 a.m.
Last Modified: Sunday,
April 21, 2013
at 6:08 p.m.

SARASOTA - Tom Mannausa hopes
to do something no builder has
dared attempt in years.
With timing seemingly on his side, the developer
is moving forward with the final
planning stages for a new luxury
high-rise condominium building
in downtown Sarasota.

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Front Entry

Ocean View
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Ocean View
Ocean View
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The New Landmark.

High Rise Mixed Use Development
1301 Main Street, Sarasota, Fl.

Mannausa Gulfstream Development Co. owns
free and clear three adjoining parcels, that
together shall comprise the land The Jewel
shall be constructed upon. The first parcel was
purchased in December 2010. The second
parcel was purchased in May, 2012. The third
parcel was purchased July 2012. The second
and third parcels have month to month leases
with the Sellers of each, Living Walls and The
Sports Page Bar.

The three parcels together encompass 105' on
Gulf Stream Avenue and 150' on Main Street in
beautiful Sarasota, Florida. This prime corner is
considered the gateway to downtown.

At 5 S. Gulf Stream Avenue, the T. Mannausa
& Co.has leased a prime retail location 80 feet
from The Jewel.

We have begun taking applications and
reservations for The Jewel Tower Residences.
The required legal paperwork is in place.

DESIGN UPDATE: The design has progressed
to a state that future residents can fully
understand the integrity proposed. The design
process has moved past schematic design and
on to design development. Soon, contract
documents will commence. Numerous
consultants and contractor/trades are providing
input, including discussions with a professional
condominium association property management

The Jewel has entered into a construction loan
agreement with a three plus billion dollar bank.
We are working towards completing various
required checklist items to firm up this

The good news is a few banks are pursuing
commercial construction lending opportunities,
whereas a year or five years ago, this was
We are also in discussion with the
bank in occupying commercial space in The Jewel,
which would prove to be an excellent convenience.

Our unique marketing materials have been
approved and are in the works. Much has been
delivered to our corporate office. Stop by and
preview our sales center at 5 South Gulf Stream
Avenue, Sarasota, Florida.

The project contemplates eighteen residential
condominium units, together with approximately
6,000 square feet of retail commercial real
estate fronting on Main Street. The site is
absolutely prime in nature. All of the units will
have an unobstructed view of Sarasota Bay
and the world-renowned Marina Jack’s
Restaurant & Marina — boat slips,
Sarasota Bay, St. Armands Circle, Lido Beach,
Siesta Key and the famous Ringling Bridge.

This development will encompass exquisite
amenities including:
• a swimming pool and Jacuzzi
• a hi-tech work out and aerobic facility
• a meeting & greeting room with card tables
• a well appointed lobby
• a professionally designed 6-hole putting course
   with synthetic turf
• and a professionally designed and installed
   platform tennis court, all for the exclusive use
   by The Jewel residents.

At this time, the development is in its planning
phase; although no rezoning is required in order
to perfect the commencement of this planned

For information, please contact:
Thomas James Mannausa, President, CPM*, AMO®, Realtor®

T Mannausa & Co.,
5 South Gulf Stream Avenue
Sarasota, Florida 34236
Office: 941.365.1511
Cell: 941.704.5873
Fax: 941.365.0807
Email: tmctjm@aol.com


Progress Update continued:

* Gary Hoyt, AIA
has added to his team:
Wilson Structural Consultants, Inc. of
Sarasota, Florida. This firm has an
impeccable reputation of structural design
that stands the test of time. They've
completed since 1997 numerous projects
in Florida, including Ritz Carlton Tower
Residences, Sarasota Bay Club and many
more towers along the west coast of Florida.

Civil Engineering for our project shall be
designated to JAG, Jensen and Group
Engineering Consultants, LLC
, Sarasota,
Florida. They are engaged to design on site
and off site drainage, roadways, sidewalk
attributes to the development, including
complicated storm water retention
elements, survey coordination and more

.David W. Johnson Associates, Inc.
has been engaged to design all offsite and
onsite landscape design elements of
The Jewel. Tommy, will be deeply involved
in the design process for each plant, tree
and lighting design features, working with
Landscape Architect, Phil Smith, RLA
who has worked very close with the
City of Sarasota planning staff, on
numerous street landscape design
projects over many years.

Williams Parker Harrison Dietz & Getzen
Law Group
has been selected as the firm
to prepare the numerous legal requisite
documents. J. Michael Hartenstine is the
law partner of Williams Parker, Tommy is
working with to generate the numerous
transactional forms and documents relative
and pertinent to all aspects of this
mixed use project.

Those include the documents for sales
reservations, purchase agreements,
commercial leases, development
approvals, condominium declaration,
condominium association(s) turnover
and more. Mike is a graduate of
Harvard College and received his
Juris Doctor degree from Duke University.
Mike and Tommy have been acquainted
since 1981.

The Jewel Masthead 2
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The Jewel Architectural Information:
Floorplans & Renderings:
Landscape Plan

Main Street Retail Garage

The Jewel Garage Level 2

2ns Level Retail Garage Level 3

The Jewel Amenities Level







2 Unit Level 01 Unit

2 Unit Level 02 Unit

1 Unit Level

The Jewel Roof Deck

The Jewel Main Street Elevation

The Jewel Gulf Stream Avenue Elevation


The Jewel Corner of Main Street and Gulf Stream Avenue

The Jewel Corner of Main Street and Gulf Stream Avenue

The Jewel Birds Eye View of Roof Deck

The Jewel Birds Eye View of Amenities Deck

The Jewel Corner of Main Street and Gulf Stream Avenue

The Jewel Main Street Retail

The Jewel Main Street Entrance and Retail

The Jewel Main Street Entrance

The Jewel Amenities Floor Lobby Interior


Lobby View

Living Area Rendering

Unit A twilight

Unit A

Unit C

Unit B

Unit A View 2A

Unit A View 4

Unit C Bathroom 1

UNit C Bathroom 2

Unit B Bath 1

Unit A Rendering

The Jewel Bay Views Illustration


Section Pricing


Prices & features subject to change without notice. Offer void where
The statements contained in this presentation are only summary in nature.
For complete representations, reference should be made to the Offering Circular
for The Jewel Tower Residences, a Condominium.
All illustrations and descriptions
are conceptual only, and the final plans and features of The Jewel
may vary from those described in this brochure. The developer reserves the right
to modify statements, illustration, and descriptions in this brochure as may be appropriate
from time to time to reflect changes in the development plan for The Jewel

Equal Housing Opportunity


You'll Fall in Love With
The Most Magnificent Views in Sarasota.
See For Yourself.  View by Floor

The following photos are from a 35' helicopter camera that was at the approximate face of
The Jewel Tower running down the Tower. You can go to the above 'cross section'
of the building and tie the photo to approximate height of each respective floor.
Please click on any photos below to see a larger version.

Enjoy the view, from your new high rise downtown tower residence:


From 60 Feet
From 135 Feet
From 30 feet
      From 135 feet  
From 45 Feet
      From 145 Feet  
From 45 Feet
      From 145 Feet  
From 60 Feet
      From 150 Feet  
From 60 Feet
      From 150 Feet  
From 75 Feet
      From 165 Feet  
From 75 Feet
      From 165 Feet  
From 90 Feet
      From 180 Feet  
From 90 Feet
      From 180 Feet  
From 105 Feet
      From 195 Feet  
From 105 Feet
      From 195 Feet  
From 120 Feet
      From 210 Feet  
From 120 Feet
      From 210 Feet  

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